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Super-hair food is a complete combo product that comes in two bottles of shampoo and lotion, giving you the complete turnaround for your hair.

Hair loss has been a common problem that many people face, and it has been accepted by many, to be a norm. Most people expect hair loss to be one of the signs of aging and they never thought there could be a way of getting through this. Even though the sudden drop in hair quality with aging is unhappily accepted, many have not thought of winning the battle and keeping their hair intact while they grow old.

Product Properties:

  • Stops hair loss
  • Paraben free formulation
  • Special formulation with many herbal extracts
  • Prevents oily hair
  • Stops hair thinning
  • Aids long, healthy hair
  • Combats alopecia areata
  • Gives you the best look you ever wanted.

It would have been pardonable if the problem of hair loss is only found in elderly people but this is absolutely not so. Even young people do experience hair loss, breakage and many other terms that could be used to describe poor hair quality.

It would have helped if we all knew the very thing that our hair need to stay healthy and in perfect shape. The nutrients, the food…, call it any name. The fact behind hair loss is the deficiency of some necessary nutrients that the hair need. Thus, there is the highest possibility of stabilizing the deficiencies and promote hair quality. This is what Super-hair food has come to do for you! 


It is obvious nowadays that we can find several hundreds of hair product on the market claiming to help you bring back the true nature of your hair and enhance quick regrowth in a short while. Many even go ahead to give stipulated recovery/regrowth time. Apart from the fact that many are fake, the stipulated time given in most cases is the exact reason why those products have not been effective. Hair type, hair loss and hair breakage in different individual varies and so does recovery time vary. The hair type of an individual is a major determinant in calculating the time of recovery and as expected, the level of hair loss invariably tells how soon total recovery is achievable.

Just as our appetite and level of hunger determines how much food we can take before we get satisfied, so does the above mentioned conditions have their effects on the expected result of Super-Hair food. However, the good news is that for whatever hair type or the extent of your hair loss, you are bound to get your result. The recovery process can also be monitored because you see changes on monthly basis and through this, you don’t even need anyone to tell you Super-Hair food works.

Just as the name implies, “Super-Hair Food” is the food that offers your hair the necessary regrowth and prevents further hair loss from happening, irrespective of your age.

Hair toughness VS strength

The problem with many people is that their hair is tough. Toughness is a property that enhances breakage or hair loss instead of a firm and intact hair. On the other hand, it is very possible (and often the best quality) for the hair to appear super soft and yet possessing extra strength that allows it remain intact even in the process of brushing. Therefore, there is a world of difference between these two terms (Toughness and Strength) and what Super-Hair Food offers is superb strength for every strand of your hair. This is the only way you can have a full and very healthy hair.

Your concern!

Often times, people expect everything good to come in a complex manner. Thinking of Super-Hair Food as a combination of shampoo and lotion makes many wonder if it’s truly effective. Well, there can be nothing as instructive as personal experience but it is equally wise to act based on the testimonies of others. Super-Hair Food is truly packaged in a simple form but it is incomparably effective. The exceptional property exceeds the fact that it is quick in action but also covers the area of chemical safety and human friendliness. The product is made with special concern on avoiding toxic chemical composition and this is why it is 100% safe.

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