Does Super-Hair Food have any side effect?
Super-Hair Food is a derivative of herbal composition and as a result, no side effect has been recorded so far. Users have always reported that they experienced no side effect while using the product and this is also what the laboratory tests that were conducted before product launch support.

Does it ship worldwide?
The product is shipped to every part of the globe so where ever you are, as long as you can connect to the internet, your orders will surely come to your doorstep once rightly placed.

Does it really take care of hair loss problem?
Whatever problem it is you are having with your hair. Be it hair fall-out, breaking or any kind of hair loss, Super-Hair Food reverses the condition and gives you a perfect, well-nourished and healthy hair. The product is also suitable for continuous maintenance of the hair as it supplies the necessary nutrients needed by your hair in their right and adequate proportion.

Do you sell in wholesale quantity?
We do not just sell in wholesale quantity but also wholesale price. This is an advantage for those who will be buying large supply and those who intend to sell the product locally. You can also liaise with our customer service reps to know what benefit you stand to enjoy for placing order for large quantities.

How should Super-Hair Food be applied?
Super-Hair Food comes in one  bottle (Shampoo and Lotion combined). To use the Super-Hair Food shampoo, apply a small amount to already wet hair and cause to lather by massaging. Thereafter, you wash your hair with plenty of water.

Does Super-Hair Food contain harmful ingredients?
Most of the beauty products around us have been found to have a certain amount of harmful ingredient as their major active chemicals and this in turn has exhibits adverse effect in the human body. On the other hand, Super-Hair Food has been made with pure and safe ingredients of no trace of harm. These ingredients which are majorly of herbal sources have been scientifically tested and approved to be rich in nutrients and yet 100% safe for use.

Is this a new product?
Super-Hair Food has been used by many of our customers and of a truth, it is not a new product that have not been tested with people. There are thousands of people around the world, who have benefited from the nourishing effect of the product and have even sacrificed their time to come back and drop a feedback of their experiences in using Super-Hair Food. This is why we have a number of testimonials shoveled out from the numerous that we have.

When does the change occur?
It is common amongst those who want an improvement in their hair to be eager to get ‘there’. There have been cases of observable changes in just 3 weeks of usage but this all depends on the extent of hair loss and the hair type so you can start expecting your transformation anytime from three weeks.

What are users’/customers’ information used for?
The user personal information collected are mainly used for enhancement of our customer service. Theses information help us to respond to your requests more effectively.

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These declarations are yet to be assessed by the Food and Drug Administration.
SUPER-HAIR FOOD is not to be considered for diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of any disease.
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