About us

HHS herbal and health product Inc. has been a leading company in the hair and skin care product industry. Our long years of in-depth research into the problems and possible solutions to hair and skin issues has brought about the major discoveries which are the basis for our landmark in the industry.

Through rigorous research and our unrelenting effort, we have been able to identify certain harmful ingredients or chemicals in most of the skin and hair care product available in the market and with the motive of being a solution to the existing problems, we have come up with a safe product (Super-Hair Food), a herbal hair care solution which has become the source of the joy of many customers today as far as hair care is concerned.

We have succeeded in this business because of our uniqueness and the fact that we put the right people to work (the experts on the subject).

Our Mission

We have come to bring diversity to the hair and skin care product industry, adding to the benefit people have been getting from the industry as a whole and in addition to that, putting an end to everything that is not right or has not been done right. As has been earlier said, there are many products in the market with active ingredients that are harmful to the human body but have remained a key ingredient in these products. To this effect, we have succeeded in bringing up a more effective hair care product with no side effect or harmful ingredient whatsoever. 
Super-Hair Food is a great outcome of the time and resources invested in our research and it has really made a name as a result of its effectiveness. We have on our website a few of the several thousands of testimonials received form users and we are rest assured that you will get the best from Super-Hair Food. 

The desire of our customers is to have their hair loss problem stopped permanently and have a super soft, shiny and full hair with enough strength to withstand dressing (combing/brushing). Invariably, this is exactly what Super-Hair Food has been made to do. It is composed of herbal extracts that are known to support hair growth by nourishing the hair follicles and compensating the insufficiency of nutrients in our common traditional diets.

With a high level of trust in our product which is based on scientific test performed, as well as the experiences we have had in the course of sales and reception of feedback, we are recommending this hair care product for you as a final solution to that annoying fall-out, breakage and general hair loss. We are confident that you will come back wanting more and you won’t hesitate to recommend Super-Hair Food to others.

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SUPER-HAIR FOOD is not to be considered for diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of any disease.
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