Super-Hair Food is a natural blend off herbal formula and a solution to every problem that has to do with hair loss, hair breakage and alopecia. Super-Hair Food has been made a superior brand through detailed research into the Nitty-gritty of hair peculiarities. Thus, it is a product loved by many because of its great benefits and suitability with all types of hair around the world.  

Hair as a beauty necessity has finally found a match for sustaining its classic shiny feature which is often a war to maintain. In other words, people with beautiful, long and shiny hair are not so hard to find but the common problem these people have is how to maintain that ever shiny appearance of their hair. 

Hair nourishment is key here and this is what Super-Hair Food is all about. Super-Hair Food brings back the beauty essence of your hair, keeping every strand and follicle in the best state of optimal growth and overall appearance. The necessity of balancing the nutrient requirement of the hair (the major problem in hair loss cases) is the drive to the discovery of Super-Hair Food. The product (Shampoo and lotion combined) covers up for the nutritional deficiencies common in many of our traditional diets. Super-Hair Food is rich in all sort of nutrients needed by the hair and hair follicles and so, it is the solution to any form of hair loss problem resulting from nutrient deficiency.


Shampoo: To use the Super-Hair Food shampoo, apply a small amount to already wet hair and cause to lather by massaging. Thereafter, you wash your hair with plenty of water.

Common problems “Super-Hair Food” can take care of:

Excessive hair fall-out
Continuous hair breakage
General hair loss
Slow regrow
Loss of hair shiny quality

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